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Historically Sensitive Site: Crown Castle's Communication Antenna Project

Crown Castle was in need of instillation of communication antennas in a historically sensitive site.


The need

Crown Castle needed to install communication antenna on a 27 m pole in a historically sensitive site. In addition, the site had a small footprint and accessible only over a wooden bridge with a maximum weight of 8 tons. ARE’s foundation and pole system also needed to meet local requirements for aesthetics and paint color.


Thanks to its Hydraulic System, ARE’s AFS 1300 system can be installed without a crane, in tight spaces, and with limited impact on the environment. Foundation and pole pieces were ferried across the bridge and assembled on site. ARE’s crew installed the system in a 3 days which included OSHA approved railings and ladder, demonstrating ARE’s ability to customize our systems to meet nearly any customer needs.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for installation under time constraints

  • Limited space and access

  • Above ground foundation required no digging on bed of rock

Project Resources

  • 4-person crew

  • 3 days

  • Skid-steer

  • Telehandler

  • Local fill used for ballast


  • Limited space and access

  • Quickly deployed in rain and wet conditions

  • Rock base

  • Foundation parts brought across 8T max weight bridge


Piling Latvia, Drilling rigs, Bored piles



Registration number: 50103005351

Adress: Spilves street 18, Riga, LV 1055, Latvia

Bank: OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia


Bank account number.: LV82OKOY0005100035077

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