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Customized Communication Antenna Support for the US Navy

Crane Naval Base needed a customized tilt-up monopole to support communication antennas on their military base in Crane, IN.


The need

ARE Telecom was contracted by G3 Technologies to manufacture and install three AFS 350 ballasted foundation systems with a customized tilt-up/self-raising monopole to support communication antennas on a military naval base in Crane, IN. The antennas had to be easily rotated in order to precisely adjust their orientation. The foundation had to be above ground with a limited foot print and easily moveable.


ARE designed a pole providing G3 Technologies with a simple, yet effective solution to change the orientation of the antennas using rotating aluminum plates. The pole can be raised and lowered with a motorized screw jack. The top section can be rotated while resting horizontally on a pedestal. The foundations were pre-assembled in our warehouse to meet the time constraint of the customer.

Project Benchmarks

  • Crew flexibility and equipment availability allowing for fast installation on short notice

  • Antennas installed on ground level eliminating the need to climb

  • Easy solution to rotate the antennas

Project Resources

  • 2-man crew

  • 3-day assembly

  • Skid-steer

  • Local gravel used for ballast


  • Small footprint

  • Quick install


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