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TILTS offers customized solutions for customers with specific requirements regarding maximum quantities or off-loading limitations. We will model your foundation and pole order to determine the most optimal layout. Subsequently, we will engage in a discussion with you to present our proposed plan and gather your input. Our aim is to strike a balance between quantity and ease of unloading, ensuring a seamless process.

For customers who intend to ship a fully assembled ARE system and prioritize efficient shipping and handling of the racking system, we can collaborate with you. This collaboration allows us to incorporate features such as picking it up with straps, enabling movement with forks, or including lifting points for helicopter delivery.


A truck, train or boat will be needed to deliver our systems to you or your customers. TILTS has many years of experience shipping, from customers on remote islands to downtown Manhattan.


With a track record of installations spanning from Arctic Villages to mountain tops in the Rockies and small Caribbean Islands, our experienced crew possesses the expertise and understanding to swiftly and efficiently complete your installation, regardless of the site location.

If you prefer your own crew to handle the installation, we are committed to providing the best support possible. We can send our Construction Manager to offer guidance and advice, or arrange a call to review the process and be available to address any inquiries you may have.


We share our experience in realized projects


Piling Latvia, Drilling rigs, Bored piles



Registration number: 50103005351

Adress: Spilves street 18, Riga, LV 1055, Latvia

Bank: OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia


Bank account number.: LV82OKOY0005100035077

To receive a quote or any other information related to your individual project, please contact our specialists by phone or email

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