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ARE Telecom's AFS 200 Pole Enhances Argonne's Research

Argonne National Labs was in need of a 30 foot pole to support electrical components to record data for energy research purposes.


Historically Sensitive Site: Crown Castle's Communication Antenna Project

Crown Castle was in need of instillation of communication antennas in a historically sensitive site.


Quick Installation on Wenatchee Mountains

Crown Castle was in need of a 80' self-raising pole to support communication AT&T antennas on a remote mountain top.


Homeland Security Radar Support for the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration was in need of a pole to support a Homeland Security radar that monitors boat traffic.


Customized Communication Antenna Support for the US Navy

Crane Naval Base needed a customized tilt-up monopole to support communication antennas on their military base in Crane, IN.


Expanding Rural Broadband

Midco was in need of a 58m pole system to support antennas to service internet, phones, and TV.


Meeting Customer Needs: T-Mobile's AFS 600 Self-Raising Pole

ARE Telecom was contracted by T-Mobile to manufacture and install our AFS 600 ballasted foundation system and tilt-up self raising pole to support communication antennas.


Supporting Solar-Powered Antenna for National Park Service

U.S. National Park Service was in need of an AFS 1300 to support solar powered communication antennas to the park.


Relocatable Poles for Mining: Northwest Towers at Cote Mine

ARE Telecom was contracted by Northwest Towers to install multiple poles in an open-pit mine near Ontario, Canada.


Efficient Urban Installation: AFS 400 Foundation for Crown Castle

Crown Castle hired on ARE Telecom to install our AFS 400 to support communication antennas.


Innovative Solutions for Rural Connectivity: ARE Telecom's 36m Pole

ARE Telecom was contracted to provide manufacturing, logistics, and installation of an Direct Embedment Pole


Wind Power Made Efficient in French Guiana

ARE was employed to provide manufacturing, logistics, and installation of 4 patent-pending Direct Embedment Monopole.


Remote Mountain Top Antenna Solution for Mastec/AT&T

Mastec/AT&T was in need of a pole on an isolated mountain top in Capitan, NM.


Hurricane-Ready Wind Turbines

ARE Telecom was contracted by Northern Power Systems to design and install our AFS 2000 ballasted foundation system with a 22m tiltup pole for their 100kW wind turbine


Space-Saving Solution with US Cellular

US Cellular was in need of a long-term, temporary pole while the city's water tower was being repaired.


Enhancing Broadband & Phone Service

VTX1 was in need of a system to support communication antennas in a rural area.


Piling Latvia, Drilling rigs, Bored piles



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Bank: OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia


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